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What is FilmStyles?


FilmStyles is a set of filters for Final Cut Pro X designed to instantly make your video footage look spectacular.

Just drag and drop it on any clip. BOOM!


Is FilmStyles also available for FCP 7?

Yes! Click here.

FilmStyles = instant wow.

Is FilmStyles also available for FCP 7? Yes! Click here.

What is FilmStyles?

FilmStyles is a set of filters for Final Cut Pro X designed to instantly make your video footage look spectacular.

Just drag and drop it on any clip. BOOM!


What makes people say, “Wow?”

Beautiful films and photographs share common qualities. They often include a lush, film-like color space and contrast curve, shallow depth of field, magical, subtly glowing highlights, and a tasteful, understated vignette.

FilmStyles makes it simple to add these characteristics to any shot in a few seconds.


It is said that “elegance is the elimination of the unnecessary.”

In this spirit, and out of respect for your time, we worked hard to pare down each FilmStyles filter to only the parameters we felt essential.

FilmStyles allows you to dial in your look in seconds without wading through pages of menus and hundreds of presets.

FilmStyles works with your footage

Most “filmlook” filters fail when your footage is not similar in exposure to the clip the designers used when developing the filter.

FilmStyles filters solve this problem with controls that “tune” the filter to high key, low key, or naturally lit clips.

what you said



  • The overall effect is just “meh”… the tone is dead, the look is not romantic and doesn’t support the storyline
  • The sharpness of the background distracts from the subject

Filmstyled – Elegant

  • The eponymous “Filmstyles” filter adds a filmlike contrast s-curve, film color and glowing highlights, paints an elegant, romantic mood, smooths complexions
  • 35mm DOF filter blurs out foreground and background
  • A video look is transformed into a magical, filmic look
  • A subtle vignette draws the eye and frames the subject nicely


  • Looks like video, lackluster, does not “pop” at all
  • Despite scenic location, little emotion

FilmStyled - Dramatic Sky

  • Wow! Filmstyles “Dramatic Sky” makes the sky gorgeous and epic
  • The Filmstyles filter makes the ocean and sand tones richer, more tactile and filmlike, more scenic, you can feel the sand between your toes!
  • 35mm DOF blurs out sand in foreground
  • Slight vignetting on sky and sand frames composition, draws your eye to subject

Much more cinematic, picturesque, dramatic, evocative, shot tells a story all by itself


  • Meh
  • Drab, blah look
  • Even with a nice sunlit rimlight and bright red dress, shot lacks any punch or style

Filmstyled – 300

  • FilmStyles 300 plugin adds the crushed, high contrast look that’s so popular in today’s swords-and-sandals blockbusters. The color is desaturated and given a sandy reddish tint to give your footage a gritty, action-packed look.


The wide angle lens might be cool, but the ordinary household coloring leaves me wondering why. Something’s missing…

Filmstyled - Amelie

Need something a little more quirky? Use this plugin to emulate the yellow and green hue of Amelie with a vignette that will draw your audience into the frame.


Pretty cool shot, right? But it’s supposed to be a noir. The saturated colors make it look modern.

FilmStyled - Casablanca

There we go! Don’t call me baby doll!


This scene is supposed to take place at night, but we didn’t have the lights to get proper exposure at night time. Now what do we do?

FilmStyled - Day for Night

Why stay up late and shoot at night when you can use this plugin to make your daytime footage look like nighttime footage? This is perfect if you don’t have the equipment (or the energy) to pull an all-nighter.


The potential is there, but it feels flat and there’s a lot of distracting background. The image just doesn’t “pop.”


This is the plugin that started it all. Instantly make your footage look amazing with this simple but powerful plugin. Even plain footage will jump off the screen! This plugin uses the classic S-curve of real film and adds glowing soft highlights to make your project look great in no time.


This morning coffee scene is set, but the footage just isn’t compelling. Shouldn’t the sunrise beam through the windows?

FilmStyled - Golden Hour

  • The Golden Hour filter adds the gorgeous look of sunrise or sunset.
  • Add the FilmStyles filter to give the footage a more film-like look.


This looks like it could be an intense scene, but the color treatment sure doesn’t say that… yet…

FilmStyled - Dream Sequence

  • Use the Dream Sequence filter to add a glowing tint to your footage.
  • Use whatever color you want to make the scene pop and send us to another world!


Ok, this shot wants to look like an action movie. But right now it feels like video in a living room. Where’s the intensity?!

FilmStyled - Minority Report

Whoa! Now that’s a movie! Instantly get the blown-out, bleach bypass look in Minority Report to give your project a dreamy, futuristic look.


The lighting looks great! But it still feels flat. This shot should feel vibrant and colorful.

FilmStyled - Technicolor

Make your footage pop with the blooming saturated color of classic Hollywood Technicolor! This plugin emulates the three strip Technicolor process to give a burst of color to your project.


This shot in the park looks like it was shot on a cheap camcorder. It’s flat, has deep depth of field, and the blown-out sky has no color. How can we make it look like a Hollywood production?

FilmStyled - BlueSky

  • Use the Dramatic Sky filter to turn your blown-out sky into a beautiful horizon.
  • The FilmStyles filter adds a film-like look and a vignette to  draw your eye to the subject.


These amazing filters were built by four filmmakers and media experts:

Andy Neil is an Emmy award-winning editor and producer working in broadcast television and film. With over 14 years of management, production and post-production experience, his client list includes Disney, Apple, Discovery Channel, and many others.

Lyndsey Myers has worked for over six years as en editor in a wide rage of media and style from animated television series/animatics to feature films. She has worked with clients like Disney, VIZ Media, Bandai and Marvel. Lindsey is also co-owner and producer at Almost Fairytales Films.

Josh Mellicker is the CEO and co-founder of DVcreators and has been one of the world’s foremost digital video pioneers for over 20 years. In addition to being chosen as the prestigious Production Conference Chair at NAB, he has consulted and trained the Fortune 1000, Hollywood movie studios, TV brands, major universities and countless others in their digital video pursuits.

Ryan Phillips is an AICP Award-nominated director, known for his sleek visual storytelling for brands like Intel, Got Milk? and Nespresso.

Immediately after purchase, click to download the installer. This will finish in seconds. If your computer’s security settings do not allow you to install applications from unknown publishers, simply right-click the installer, select “open,” and when the dialogue box pops up, select “open” again.

Once you have a project open in Final Cut Pro X, open the Effects Browser. A list of all your video effects will appear to the left of the thumbnails. Scroll down and click FilmStyles. That way you will see all the FilmStyles filters together.

Here is how they should appear in Final Cut Pro X:

FilmStyles in Effects Browser

If you don’t see FilmStyles showing up in FCP X, double check that they are located in the right folder. The FilmStyles folder with all the filters should be located in this directory:

(User) Library > Movies > Motion Templates > Effects

No problem! Click here to contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.